Peer Review Process

All articles submitted to Invention: Journal Research and Education Studies must adhere to the Focus and Scope and Writing Guidelines of this journal. The submitted manuscripts should meet the standards of scholarship or novelty in accordance with the focus and scope of this journal.

All manuscripts submitted to this journal should be written in good English or Indonesian language. They must be free from plagiarism. All authors are advised to use plagiarism detection software to check for similarities (please use Turnitin or Plagiarism Checkers X for similarity check). The Editor will also check the similarity of the submitted articles using Turnitin or Plagiarism Checkers.

The manuscripts submitted to this journal will undergo peer review by at least 2 (two) or more reviewers from the Reviewer Team. Reviewers provide valuable scientific comments and input to improve the quality of the articles. Sometimes (if necessary), a second peer reviewer is required to provide critical comments on the submitted manuscript. The review process used in this journal is a blind review system.

The final decision on the acceptance of manuscripts is made entirely by the Editor in Chief and Managing Editor (together with the Editorial Board if necessary for consideration) based on critical comments from reviewers. The final decision on the manuscript is solely based on the final review by the Editor and the Editorial Board, taking into account the comments from the peer reviewers (but not solely by the Reviewers).

Accepted articles will be published by the Editor-in-Chief considering the date of acceptance and the geographic distribution of the authors, as well as thematic issues.