History of Journal

Continous Education : Journal of Science and Research is an educational journal based on social research, this journal is published by Pusdikra Publishing. research journals as a place to publish the best works so that they become a place for writers to place their writings so that the published writings have been recognized.

This journal is published with various conditions for the author, such as using Mendeley's reference management, having passed the plagiarism check and also if it is an international language it will be checked for grammar. so that articles published have quality and readability

This journal was founded on September 30, 2020 to be precise in the city of Siantar. Based on team thinking and supported by a team of experts to strengthen the publication of this journal. it is imperative for us to continue to dedicate through articles. so that thoughts appear in line with friends. thus starting a struggle which, although very tiring but hopefully this will be of benefit to the general public for all of us