An Analysis Of Code Mixing Used Between Students And Teacher Interaction At The Ten Grade Of SMK Tritech Informatika Medan In 2021/2022 Academic Year


  • Nurul Ramadhani, Ahmad Laut Hasibuan Universitas Muslim Nusantara Al Washliyah, Medan



Code-Mixing, English Learning process, Factor of using code Mixing


This research is to analyze the type and which type most dominant of code mixing that used by the students and teacher in English learning process at the ten grade of SMK Tritech informatika Medan and describing the reason of code mixing during English teaching learning process. In this research the researcher used the teacher and students utterances to collect the data. The researcher used a descriptive qualitative method approach in analyzing and collecting the data. The researcher use basic technique in analyzing the data which are recording the entire content, transcribing the utterances, classifying and organizing the data, grouping ‘data and the last is analyzing data.  Based on the data the research showed that there are three types of code mixing 116 utterance, 67 data (60,34%) of intra sentential code mixing, 27 data (23,90%) of intra lexical code mixing, 19 data (16,81%) of Involving change of Pronunciation. And some factors that make they use code mixing in the classroom because the teacher often found out that the students confused or did not understand, the students lack of vocabulary, and English knowledge, feel afraid of being wrong in using English and they are not used to talking only in English.