Peranan Organisasi Sosial Dalam Kerukunan Multikulturalisme Etnis Di Surakarta


  • Nuraeni Nuraeni Perkumpulan Masyarakat Surakarta


Social Organization, Harmony, Interethnic


Indonesia is a pluralistic country that spreads from Sabang to Merauke. These various tribes, races or ethnicities, languages, and religions have existed since the era of the ancestors. In addition, there are many ethnic groups who come from outside who live and settle in Indonesia, one of which is the ethnic Chinese who live side by side with the indigenous people. When talking about Chinese ethnicity in the city of Surakarta, of course, it cannot be separated from a figure named Sumartono Hadinoto, a figure who likes to be active in the social organization "Surakarta Community Association". A young man who received the title "people's inspiration figure Surakarta". Not only that, it received a peace award from the United Nations in 2018. This reflects that social organizations have an important role in efforts to build inter-ethnic harmony in the community that can build awareness, knowledge, insight, and values related to the environment in which they live and their nation lives. In accordance with the Indonesian motto "Bhinneka Tunggal Ika".




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