Penerapan Metode Fuzzy Logic Pada Sistem Control Rice Cooker Penghangat Dimsum


  • Muhammad Zulkarnain Lubis, Zakarias Situmorang


Temperature Stability Control System, Rice Cooker, Fuzzy Logic


Rice cooker is a household electronic appliance that has two functions that is cooking and warming. When cooking and warming the electric currents will flow to their respective warming elements. Rice cooker today has not been equipped with temperature regulation when warming the dim sum, where the temperature of rice cooker at the time of warming is relatively unlike the change in the amount of dimsum, thus causing dry dim sum. In this research, the system designed to control the temperature stability during warming by using temperature sensor DS18B20 placed in one of the warming elements. To control the stability of the temperature during warming the rice, voltage control is used during rice cooking. The temperature and voltage readings used will be displayed on the LCD. The test results for 717 grams of warming temperature ranged from 74.7°C to 76.03°C, for 336 grams of warming temperature ranged between 73.26°C to 75.21°C, and for 179 grams of warming temperature ranges from 72.75°C to 75.72°C.